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About Passive GPS Trackers

Since the Global Positioning System (GPS) serves as a receiver and not a transmitter, passive GPS trackers lack a transmission device such as a cellular module that sends the GPS data from the tracker. Therefore, passive GPS tracking devices, also known as data loggers, primarily function as recording devices.

GPS data loggers typically have an internal flash memory, a memory card slot or a USB port that stores the GPS data gathered from the vehicle or asset to which they are attached. The GPS data can then be downloaded and viewed on a computer. The GPS data recorded includes speed, location and active driving time.

With LandAirSea's passive GPS tracking systems, the stored GPS data can then be downloaded onto a computer or laptop via a USB port. Users can then view an animated version of the route of travel with Google Earth. These passive GPS tracking devices can be used by sports enthusiasts while jogging or backpacking to calculate the length and duration of a trip. They can also be used by parents for tracking their teenage drivers and by private investigators for vehicle surveillance.

Passive GPS tracking devices give users the freedom of not having to physically track and monitor the target asset or vehicle.


LandAirSea's GPS Tracking Key® and GPS Tracking Key Pro®

The passive GPS Tracking devices offered by LandAirSea include the GPS Tracking Key® and the GPS Tracking Key Pro®. These GPS data loggers offer portability, convenience, accuracy, reliability and ease-of-use for various applications, such as fleet management, law enforcement and personal vehicle tracking.

LandAirSea Passive GPS Tracking Features:

  • GPS accuracy of 2.5 meters
  • Records GPS data every second
  • Simple and detailed printable activity text reports
  • Powerful magnet for external mounting
  • No monthly fees
  • Works internationally


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