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About Real-time GPS Tracking

Real-time vehicle tracking systems rely on both the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites and a cellular system. A GPS tracking module continuously picks up the vehicle's precise coordinates, which determines the real-time location of the vehicle that's being tracked. Using a cellular data service such as GPRS, the tracking coordinates are immediately transmitted onto a secured server by pinging the device.

Users can then access the real-time tracking data from an internet-enable device, such as a computer, laptop or smartphone. The tracking information can be viewed by logging in through a website, or through a web-based mapping interface such as Google Maps. With real-time GPS tracking systems, users will be able to see precisely where their vehicles are in real-time.

This provides individual consumers and small to large businesses, such fleet management operators, delivery and logistics services and law enforcement agencies, the ability to track their fleet of vehicles and view the live GPS location data without having to physically retrieve the GPS tracking device. Real-time GPS tracking systems also provide an ideal and affordable solution to help reduce fuel costs by improving the overall efficiency for fleet businesses.


LandAirSea's Full Line of Real-Time GPS Trackers

The SilverCloud Real-Time GPS Tracking System


The SilverCloud real-time GPS tracker is LandAirSea's most advanced real-time GPS tracking system. It features the fastest real-time GPS location updates, with the ability to update a vehicle's precise location every 3 seconds on an up-to-date and user-friendly online mapping interface powered by Google Maps.

This online feature allows fleet managers and law enforcement agencies the ability to monitor and track their assets remotely on multiple computers from a web-browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox) without having to install any software.


The SilverCloud Sync Fleet GPS Tracker

SilverCloud Sync

The SilverCloud Sync fleet GPS tracker is a plug and go real-time GPS tracking system. It is powered by the vehicle's OBD-II port, which is usually located underneath the driver's side dash. Along with the ability to provide the live location of the vehicle, the SilverCloud Sync provides on-board diagnostic reports and alerts, such as rapid acceleration, excessive RPM and harsh breaking.

The SilverCloud Sync is the ideal solution for fleet management applications, and services that oversee multiple vehicles. The user-friendly web-based mapping software gives users the ability to monitor their entire fleet from a computer, laptop or mobile device.


The SilverCloud Sync HD [Heavy Duty]

SilverCloud Sync

The SilverCloud Sync HD is a real-time GPS tracker designed specifically for heavy duty vehicles. It receives power from the vehicle via the included 6-Pin (J1708) or 9-Pin (J1939) Deutsch Adapter Cable. This plug and go tracking device requires no additional software installations. Just plug it in and it's ready to go.

The SilverCloud Sync HD provides live location tracking for businesses and logistics services that use large, industrial, heavy duty vehicles. The web-based mapping software gives fleet managers the ability to monitor their vehicles remotely from a computer, laptop or mobile device.

ShareSpot: Shared Real-Time GPS Tracking

With the SilverCloud online interface, logistics and transportation services can share the location of their fleet on their company's website through the ShareSpot option. This innovative feature allows companies, such as fleet trasport services or mobile food industries, the ability to share their vehicles' real-time locations by sending a web-link or embedding the code directly on their company's website.

For more information visit our SilverCloud real-time GPS tracking page.


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