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About the 3100-EXT Vehicle Tracking System

The 3100-EXT GPS vehicle tracking system is a compact passive GPS tracking device. It comes with an external GPS antenna and up to 300 hours of internal GPS flash data storage-tracking capacity. This tracking device also comes with powerful magnet mounts, which allows for placement virtually anywhere. The 3100-EXT offers more placement options compared to the 3100-EXT. The external antenna allows users the ability to install the unit covertly.

Data recorded onto the 3100-EXT Tracking Device includes:

Where a person traveled
How fast they drove
When they stopped
How long they stopped

The location data stored on the 3100-EXT GPS tracker can be accessed by connecting the device to your personal computer or laptop via a USB port. The information recorded by the 3100-EXT can then be: viewed as a written activity/text report; displayed over a digital street map; or - the most popular option - displayed over a satellite image on Google Earth (PC compatible only - not compatible with Macs).

The 3100-EXT is powered by 4 AA batteries. Its strong magnetic mounts allow for secure mounting inside, outside and even underneath the vehicle, and it is water-resistant.

LandAirSea® also offers 24-Hour Technical Support to help troubleshoot and answer any questions you you may have regarding the 3100-EXT or any one of our tracking devices.




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