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GPS Tracking
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01Fastest real-time location updates within 3-seconds

02Unlimited usage and historical GPS data

03User friendly SilverCloud Online GPS tracking Software

04Precise GPS location within 2.5m

05Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

06Multiple accessories available for different applications such as fleet management, law enforcement and personal tracking

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"Charge it up, turn it on, and let it go. That's it. I was impressed."
"I took this system on a Canada to US cross border trip and the unit worked flawlessly."
 hacked gadgets
"The SilverCloud GPS tracker performed spectacularly well."
 police one
"I've been very happy with this product and I would recommend it to anyone who needs GPS tracking."solid signal


SilverCloud Web-Based Online Software Features



SilverCloud Online user-friendly

web-browser application


ShareSpot: shared online GPS
tracking window


Simultaneous 2D and 3D tracking
and historical playback


Satellite images, maps, and street addresses powered by Google

SMS and Email

SilverCloud Alerts for arrival, departure, speeding and low battery


Simple and detailed driving activity reports with mileage logs



SilverCloud Combo Packs

SilverCloud Stealth Pack


SilverCloud GPS Tracker with Magnet Mount


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SilverCloud Stealth Pack Plus


SilverCloud GPS Tracker with Magnet Mount, Extra Battery and Battery Charger


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SilverCloud Fleet Pack


SilverCloud GPS Tracker with Magnet Mount and Power Hardwire Kit


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SilverCloud Professional Pack


SilverCloud GPS Tracker with Waterproof Case and Extended Battery


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Made in USA

LandAirSea SilverCloud Real-Time GPS Tracking System

Manufacturer: International Supplies

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Editorial Review: Portable "real-time" GPS vehicle tracking device


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