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SilverCloud sync sync

On Board Diagnostic Ready

The SilverCloud Sync utilizes the user-friendly SilverCloud online mapping application platform, but with the added benefits of On-Board Diagnostics: odometer readings, excessive speed, low battery, low fuel, harsh braking, idling and rapid acceleration warnings. The SilverCloud Sync is ready to go right out of the box. Simply plug the device into the vehicle's OBD-II Port located under the steering column for continuous and uninterrupted vehicle tracking.

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SilverCloud Web-Based Online Software Features



SilverCloud Online user-friendly

web-browser application


ShareSpot: shared online GPS
tracking window


Simultaneous 2D and 3D tracking
and historical playback


Satellite images, maps, and street addresses powered by Google

SMS and Email

SilverCloud Alerts for arrival, departure, speeding and low battery


Simple and detailed driving activity reports with mileage logs




Monthly SilverCloud Data Plans Rates

$39.95/ month
10-second updates
Unlimited data
Precision Tracking
Receive alerts
Generate reports
$29.95/ month
1-minute Updates
Unlimited Data
Receive Alerts
Generate reports

An Activation Fee of $29.95 for the data plan will be applied for each device

NOTE: In order to reactivate a device that's been cancelled or deactivated for over 6-months (180 days) for Domestic plans and 3-months (90 days) for International plans, a reactivation fee of $39.95 will be required in order to resume tracking. Reactivation will require a new SIM card from LandAirSea, which may take up to 5 business days.



SilverCloud Prepaid Data Plans


With SilverCloud Prepaid Plans, users can purchase tracking data for a predetermined period of time at a discounted rate. Prepaid Data Plans can be purchased when you are ready to activate the device on the Online Activation Form. For more information, contact LandAirSea at 1-847-462-8100 during regular business hours (Monday-Friday: 8:30am-5:00pm CST).

Activation fee of $29.95 will be required

Data Plans 10-Second 1-Minute
6 Months $227.72 $170.72 5% OFF
12 Months $431.46 $323.46 10% OFF
24 Months $814.98 $610.98 15% OFF


Made in USA

LandAirSea 3000 Silver Cloud Sync Fleet GPS Tracking System (Black)

Manufacturer: LandAirSea Systems

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Editorial Review: The SilverCloud Sync is a real-time fleet GPS tracking system that plugs directly into the vehicle's OBD-II Port. The SilverCloud Sync gives users the ability to track one or an entire fleet of vehicles in real-time but with the added ability of determining on-board diagnostics, such as: low battery, fuel, harsh braking, idling, excessive RPM, tampering and check engine alerts.



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