Freight Moving Industry Screams for GPS Tracking Devices

Theft of High Priced Items is Priority High Tech Answers Being Deployed You know those semis that you pass on the Interstate systems around our nation are carrying lots of merchandise - many thousands of dollars of merchandise.  Groups of thieves have been targeting these trailers for the goods that they carry so that they can steal and profit from them on the black market. The most popular items to steal are electronics, with food and drinks about even.  The reason is because electronics are in such high demand by consumers, and the food and drinks are very easy to move once they have been stolen.  Pharmaceuticals are popular, too because of their high street value. Thieves are smart, though, and so a concerted effort is needed by the manufacturers, logistics industry, law enforcement and government to stem the tide of these types of theft. The First Line of Defense GPS Tracking devices are considered the first line of defense because they can be used in three ways.  First, to track the big rigs, large ships, and rail engines that provide the horse power to pull their cargo.  These vehicles have already been using satellite-based navigation systems to help monitor the shipping departure and arrival times of their cargo. But now, GPS Tracking devices are being used to track the cargo containers themselves.  This includes semi trailers and ocean-bound containers.  These devices help track the containers which may or may not become disconnected from the hauling engines. Finally, GPS Tracking devices are being placed inside of product that is being shipped to a destination.  These do the job of providing location information should the cargo become stolen.  If the first two devices fail to give that information, this one should do the job. We are seeing many thefts occur in the states of California, Texas and Florida.  But make no mistake; thieves will turn up wherever they can find the cargo for which they are looking. It’s amazing how technology can make such a large impact on our world.  Witness the effect of cell phones and the things that are now possible with them.  GPS Tracking is having a similar effect on many areas of our society right now, too.  And it is sure to continue.  As more applications arise for this technology it will be put to use; and will prove its worth many times over as well.
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