GPS Device Records Heroin Dealers’ Trip to Supplier

WASHINGTON COUNTY, VT - Two brothers are facing up to 10 years each in federal prison for dealing heroin on the East Coast.

They could have minimized the damage to their lives if they had changed their habits after their initial arrests; but they went right back to their routine and repeated the offense.

Police caught the culprits twice in the very same way: with GPS tracking devices on their cars.

Jesse Dougher, 30, of Hudson Falls, New York; and Jordan Dougher, 28,of Salem, N.Y. became suspects in a drug ring last March, after police investigated the overdose death of a Burlington, VT. man.

As part of their surveillance, Vermont police covertly placed a vehicle tracking system on a car the suspects were using. On May 8, police monitoring the real-time GPS tracking device saw the suspects, along with Jesse Dougher’s girlfriend Anne Foster , drive to Paterson, New Jersey, where they allegedly bought heroin from a supplier. The three were caught on their return trip near Burlington. Officers found 94 bags of the drug in the tracked vehicle.

After bailing out of jail, the brothers went back to work. They didn’t change their livelihoods, just the state where they practiced. They turned their attention from Vermont to New York.

This time, police in New York placed a GPS tracking device on Jordan Dougher’s car. On Sept. 20, he was arrested on his way back from a supplier in Paterson. Three hundred bags of heroin were seized. Jordan Dougher’s girlfriend, Emily Crouch, 26, was also arrested.

Each of the brothers has a previous police record involving heroin. The GPS tracking reports should serve as solid evidence in their trials, especially since the data on both occasions of arrest,  shows the same address for the alleged heroin supplier.

If convicted, each of the Doughers could spend up to 20 years behind bars.

Source: PostStar


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