Parents Pressure Schools to Install GPS Tracker on School Buses

CHENNAI, INDIA:  Children's safety is always on their parents' minds, especially with the increase in news reports of poor school bus drivers getting into accidents.  With many parents now aware of new technologies to improve their children's safety, they are increasingly turning to GPS tracking systems for a solution. At least 20 schools in Chennai, India, have shown interest in the GPS tracking devices to be set upon buses.  Local road transport authorities have also begun talks of obtaining GPS tracking technology. The GPS tracking system will offer valuable information such as time of arrival of their children, emergency alerts and real-time vehicle tracking via the internet. Software professional Annapoorna Srikanth declares, "It is a welcome step as my child studies at a school on the outskirts.  An SMS that he has reached the school or has boarded the bus is a huge relief for me."  GPS tracking systems will help reduce parents' concerns and alleviate fears regarding the whereabouts of their children. In order to gain this peace of mind, many parents say that they would not mind spending a nominal amount periodically.  "An SMS alert when the school bus is in the vicinity of my apartment is extremely useful.  The fact that somebody is monitoring my child's bus is definitely worth the money I am spending," parent Jennifer Williams said.  LandAirSea Systems is a manufacturer that provides GPS tracking technology appropriate for tracking vehicles such as school buses. GPS tracking devices that continuously send signals to the integrated central server are installed in the buses. For example, the GPS tracking units manufactured by LandAirSea Systems are able to track within 3 second intervals between data points.  The movement data of school buses that is generated is then converted into SMS alerts, which are sent out to school authorities and parents.  Thus, the system allows school authorities to track their school buses, as well as the drivers.  In addition, the GPS units also send out alerts due to speeding violations and route violations to school authorities. Source:  The Times of India
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