Featuring ShareSpot®: Shared Real-Time GPS Tracking


The patent-pending ShareSpot® option is one of the innovative features offered by LandAirSea’s SilverCloud® real-time GPS tracking system and SilverCloud® Sync fleet GPS tracker. With the ShareSpot®, users of the SilverCloud and SilverCloud Sync will be able to share their GPS location online in real-time from a website or a Facebook page. The shared online mapping window shows precisely where the vehicle is and how fast it’s traveling, allowing the public to conveniently see its location at any time conveniently from a web-browser without having to contact the user.

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What ShareSpot® Can Do:

The ShareSpot® features is extremely helpful for businesses that rely on the timeliness and efficiency of their service, by giving them the ability to share the most up-to-date GPS location of their vehicles with their clients. With the ShareSpot®, fleet managers and dispatchers will be able to save valuable time, energy and resources by eliminating the hassle of contacting a specific driver, asking where he or she is and then relaying that information back to their customers. The ShareSpot® is idea for businesses such as:

For example, if a customer wants to know where their shipment is in proximity to its place of delivery, they cant track the exact location of the delivery truck in real-time through a web-link sent from the shipping company or from the company’s website. By adding the ShareSpot® shared mapping window, transportation and delivery service providers will be able to increases their overall level of efficiency, while providing the added benefit of convenience for their clients.

Mobile food-service industries, such as food delivery and catering services, can also benefit from the ShareSpot® feature. Food trucks are becoming increasingly popular all over the United States. By utilizing the SilverCloud’s ShareSpot® window, customers and foodie fans will be able to find the real-time GPS location of their favorite food truck on their website or their FaceBook page. This brings a tremendous amount of online visibility for the mobile food service industry.

How ShareSpot® Works

By using a completely online interface, users of the SilverCloud GPS tracker can securely log in to the online mapping interface through any web-browser. Once they are logged in, users will have the ability to not only view their current GPS location in real-time, but will also have the option to share the precise location of their vehicles online by obtaining a web-link or an HTML code that can be directly embedded onto a personal or corporate website, blog or even on their company's FaceBook page.

Once embedded onto the website, the mapping window automatically refreshes the GPS location, with continuous updates as fast as every 3 seconds based on the data plan chosen. Users will also be able to share their GPS tracking data without having to compromise their unique username and password.

The SilverCloud real-time GPS tracking system also features the ability to set geo-fences, produce event and time-based alarms and generate detailed driving reports. The powerful GPS module is accurate to within 3 meters (7 feet), and the rechargeable lithium ion battery is capable of providing up to 6 days of tracking on full charge with average driving - roughly 2 hours a day.

The SilverCloud real-time GPS tracking system and the ShareSpot® location sharing application from LandAirSea have been designed with precision precision, simplicity and durability. For more information email LandAirSea Systems at


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