About Synchronize

Synchronize by LandAirSea, is a powerful new tool that plugs into the vehicle’s OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) port. Our GPS-based system provides dealerships and their customers, the following benefits:

  • Never look unprofessional
    because you can’t find a car.
  • Know when, where and how a vehicle is driven.
  • Never lose a sale because
    of low fuel or a dead battery.
  • Creates a more efficient sales process.
  • Provides the ability to locate any car in your inventory.
  • Track your demo & courtesy vehicles.
  • Validate monthly floor plan audits.
  • Easily customize system reports, monitoring various groups of your vehicles such as “Inventory”, “Courtesy” & “Demo” groups.
  • Reduce risk of vehicles being damaged.
  • Obtain a Dealership insurance discount.
  • Make educated decisions on wholesaling and retailing your inventory.
  • Provide up to $5,000.00 of theft recovery benefit to your customers.
  • Dealers upsell in F & I, providing additional value to customers while increasing profits.
  • Upsell to fleet accounts while bringing them additional value.
  • Display location of each car on your website with our exclusive
    “vehicle finder package” programmed into your dealer website.