In 1994, LandAirSea Systems Inc. began manufacturing Global Positioning System (GPS) trackers in the Greater Chicago area. Since its inception, LandAirSea has been pioneering the manufacturing and development of both historical and real-time GPS tracking surveillance technology, supplying vehicle surveillance systems to law enforcement agencies, fleet management services and individual consumers to help effectively track, locate and protect their vehicles and assets.

Background and History

LandAirSea Systems, Inc. was one of the first to recognize the potential for advancement in the GPS frontier. In 1996, LandAirSea launched its premier product, the Flight-Trac -- the first known second-by-second passive GPS tracking device that was able to accurately record the time, position, speed and altitude of small aircrafts. The Flight-Trac was designed to function as a virtual co-pilot to help measure the in-flight performance of student pilots in flight school.

LandAirSea Systems received validation of the Flight-Trac application as Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, the nation’s most respected aeronautical school, installed these in their fleet of aircrafts.

In 1999, LandAirSea introduced the MobileWatch – the first vehicle tracking unit to transmit data in true real-time. This device was used primarily by law enforcement agencies and private investigators to monitor the locations of criminal suspects.

Track Record of Success and History


The highly successful GPS Tracking Key®, one of LandAirSea’s best-selling products to date, came out of the same progressive ingenuity that helped propel the Flight-Trac and MobileWatch systems to the top of the GPS market. Used by everyone from entrepreneurs with large fleets of vehicles, to law enforcement agencies and conscientious parents of teenage drivers, the Tracking Key Passive GPS Logger serves as a fitting example to the technological advancements in the GPS market.

By 2008, Tracking Key sales catapulted LandAirSea to the Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing private companies in the United States in 2008, ranking in at #3 in the Computers & Electronics category (#341 overall). The GPS Tracking Key Pro® was also featured in the February 2011 issue of Car & Driver Magazine.

LandAirSea naturally made the progression from passive historical GPS logging to real-time GPS tracking technology for consumers. The SilverCloud® Sync quickly became LandAirSea's next big hit. The Sync is a real-time GPS tracking and automated vehicle location system designed to improve asset utilization, service flexibility, security, driver effectiveness and overall efficiency, saving the user valuable time and resources.  The device plugs into the vehicle’s OBD-II port, which also provides continuous power to the device, and possesses all of the software features built into the SilverCloud® Online web-based software, but with the added ability to report:

      • Rapid Acceleration Alerts
      • Harsh Braking Alerts
      • Low Fuel Aerts
      • Tampering Warnings
      • Idling Alerts
      • Vehicle Diagnostics (certain models)

The SilverCloud® Online web-based software features the ability to set time-based and location based alerts and user-data reports. The ShareSpot® feature also give users the unique ability to share their live GPS location with the public via a URL or an embedded code on their website or Facebook page. With all of its advanced and innovative features, SilverCloud is the most advanced and user-friendly real-time GPS tracking system on the market today.

All of the GPS tracking systems offered by LandAirSea undergo extensive pre-development research and testing to ensure that our customers are receiving products guaranteed to deliver real, measurable results. As you view the product listings, you can proceed with the assurance that LandAirSea Systems is committed to providing the best GPS tracking solutions on the market.