Auto Dealerships

Inventory Management

  • Locating vehicles in a timely manner especially when customers are waiting
  • Low battery/fuel issues before a test drive or upon customer delivery
  • Floor plan audits are way too time consuming and cost inefficient
  • High inventory insurance cost and liability of damage to vehicles
  • Theft of inventory and resulting premium increases

Potential Losses – Through extensive research and firsthand experience in the car business we have found the following:

  • When locating a vehicle, the sales rep has difficulty finding the vehicle 26% of the time.
  • If it takes longer than 9 minutes to locate a vehicle, your customers are 78% less likely to buy.
  • Customers encountering a low battery or fuel issue on the lot are 82% less likely to buy a vehicle.
  • A vehicle not starting due to a dead battery would be THE major deterrent from purchasing.
  • Customer retention and CSI tend to decrease do to the above issues.

*Remember your customer are only visiting 1.7 dealerships before they buy, so maximize your opportunities!

The 54-2nd Generation

The 54 is the most popular live data-streaming CPS Tracker from LandAirSea. This state-of-the-art tracking device is compact, completely waterproof, and features a built-in super-strenght magnet eliminating the need for additional accessories.

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SilverCloud SYNC

Featuring an OB0-11 interface, the SilverCloud Sync CPS Tracking System f rom LandAirSea is designed to plug into your vehicle and provide real-time location data along with alerts for unsafe driving, low fuel,, arrivals and departures, vehicle health, theft, and more.

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SilverCloud SYNC HD

The SYNC-HD is a real-time GPS tracking system designed specifically for Heavy-duty vehicles. The SYNC-HD device attaches directly to the vehicle's diagnostic port via a 6-Pin (17708) or 9-Pin {17939} connector cable.

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