Data Plan Cancellation

The billing/operational cycle may vary from individual accounts. If a customer desires to cancel service, a cancellation must be provided to LandAirSea in writing by email at prior to the next scheduled billing date. If this cancellation is not received by this time, the cost for the entire upcoming month will be due.

Prepaid Plan Cancellation

There is no cancellation for Prepaid Plans.

NOTE: A reactivation fee of $29.95 is required to reactivate the data service for a device that has had service cancelled/deactivated.
For a device that's been cancelled/deactivated for over 6-months on Domestic plans and 3-months (90 days) on International plans, a reactivation fee of $39.95 will be required in order to resume tracking. Reactivation will require a new SIM card from LandAirSea, which may take up to 5 business days.