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Real-time Trackers

Passive Loggers

GPS Tracking Placement

Vehicle tracking devices operate with Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. To determine location, the GPS receiver captures signals from GPS satellites orbiting the earth. Proper placement of the GPS tracker will help ensure optimal GPS reception.

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SilverCloud Real-time Software Walkthrough

Google Earth is a broadband, 3D mapping application. Our passive GPS trackers, such as our GPS Tracking Key® and GPS Tracking Key Pro®, use Google Earth to map historical tracking data. Not all computers, however, are able to run it:

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PastTrack Passive Software Walkthrough

Knowing what each icon on the Past Track software means will help determine what is happening with your device when it is on the vehicle. This easy to follow guide will help you better understand the icons and options that are offered to you on this software.

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