Flashback 2


Economical Tracking: No Monthly Fees

The most advanced Passive GPS Logger on the market, LandAirSea introduces the Flashback 2. Magnetically attach the device in, on, or under a vehicle to record the vehicle’s route, speed, direction, and driving time. Ideal for delivery and trucking companies, the Flashback GPS Tracker can record up to 50 hours of data on a single charge and offers an accurate GPS location within 6′ of the device.

With its small design, the Flashback 2 can be discreetly placed in a vehicle or under its hood and its data can be reviewed at the culmination of the trip. Simply plug the device into a computer via the USB cable and view the recorded information using the Flashback cloud-based software. The tracker is housed in a waterproof enclosure designed to protect it against harsh weather conditions.

  • Magnetically attaches to vehicle for discreet placement
  • Battery holds up to 50 hours of info on one charge and charges via USB
  • Records route, speed, direction, driving time, arrival addresses, duration of stops
  • Trip logs can be viewed using cloud-based software, no installation necessary
  • Compatibile with PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, tablets, and mobile devices
  • Waterproof enclosure for exterior mounting

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