If for any reason a product should be out of stock a refund will be issued if funds have already been processed and secured.

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In the event that a dispute is issued for any transaction the card holder or individual submitting the order will be liable for but not be limited to any and all costs, fees, civil, legal, and administrative to settle such dispute. If an order placed with a credit card is disputed and over turned by the credit issuer we will seek collections by other means afforded to us in the state of Florida, County of Okaloosa or any district selected by LandAirSea, Inc. (www.landairsea.com).

Such costs will be added to the settlement amount and will be the sole responsibility of the card holder or individual placing order. Such actions if deemed necessary may result in a judgment and/or adversely effect the card holders credit rating. LandAirSea, Inc. (www.landairsea.com) will not be liable for any additional costs or fees.