1. Locating vehicles in a timely manner especially when customers are waiting
  2. Low battery/fuel issues before a test drive or upon customer delivery
  3. Floor plan audits are way too time consuming and cost inefficient
  4. High inventory insurance cost and liability of damage to vehicles
  5. Theft of inventory and resulting premium increases

Potential Losses – Through extensive research and firsthand experience in the car business we have found the following:

  1. When locating a vehicle, the sales rep has difficulty finding the vehicle 26% of the time.
  2. If it takes longer than 9 minutes to locate a vehicle, your customers are 78% less likely to buy.
  3. Customers encountering a low battery or fuel issue on the lot are 82% less likely to buy a vehicle.
  4. A vehicle not starting due to a dead battery would be THE major deterrent from purchasing.
  5. Customer retention and CSI tend to decrease do to the above issues.

*Remember your customer are only visiting 1.7 dealerships before they buy, so maximize your opportunities!


  1. Pinpoint vehicle location via the app or desktop using google mapping software
  2. Run detailed reports and sort entire inventory by battery/fuel level
  3. Make floor plan audits more efficient and cost effective
  4. Geofence notifications after hours if a vehicle is moved the authorities are notified, which
    can offer dealers up to 40% inventory insurance discount.
  5. Know when, where, and how vehicles are driven with detailed reporting