• Accident/impact alert & assistance - immediately notifies emergency contacts and local help
  • 24/7 roadside assistance via our app
  • Vehicle diagnostics - Set up dead battery, low fuel, service and vehicle malfunction alerts via text or email. SYNC gives you the tools you need to properly care for your vehicle!
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery Assistance - Accessed via the App, our customer service will work directly with authorities to recover your vehicle if stolen.
  • Potential Insurance Discount - Vehicles installed with this theft deterrent system may be eligible for an insurance discount. Up to 15%, depending on your provider.<.li>
  • Locate your vehicle 24/7 - Ultra-pinpoint GPS locates your vehicle in a parking lot, or track it 'real time' while it's on the road. Track multiple devices at once if using for fleet monitoring!
  • Driver grading system - Monitor your newly licensed teen or a business employee to ensure they are driving safely or making all their required stops on time. Offer coaching for improvement!
  • Arrival and Departure Notifications - Create geofences and proximity alerts to know when a vehicle is arriving or leaving a particular destination.


  • Safety and peace of mind for yourself and loved one - monitor them 24/7 via app or desktop software
  • Driver report card - grades your driving using various tools such as speeding and harsh turns/braking, in order to obtain potential insurance discounts and ensure your loved one is driving safe.
  • Impact alert - no one wants an accident but if the car is involved in one, you and whomever else will be alerted along with the local authorities


  • Locate your assets - With GPS fleet management systems, you can locate your lost and stolen vehicles in no time.
  • Reduce maintenance costs - Now-a-days, GPS tracking systems are equipped with advanced telematics features such as vehicle diagnostics, fuel level indicators, engine temperature indicator.
  • Monitor key aspects - such as engine oil and the overall health of your vehicle, so, you don’t have to spend money by taking your vehicles to a mechanic for routine inspection. Rather, the data from the fleet management software system will help you ascertain when an inspection is really needed.

Teen Drivers

  • Monitor your teen driver 24/7 - Via the app or desktop enables real time live tracking
  • Driver report card - records speeding, harsh turns/braking, driver boundaries to rate driving experience in order to obtain discounts from insurance and know your loved one is driving safely
  • Impact alerts - if your teen is involved in a crash, you and anyone else will be notified along with the local authorities

Private Investigators / Spy Equipment

  • Maintaining surveillance on targets on behalf of your client while getting precise directions on how to get to that location
  • Get alerts every time your target enters or leave certain predetermined locations <br>Real time and historical reports in order to document and prove movement

LandAirSea 54

The 54 is the most popular live data-streaming GPS Tracker from LandAirSea. This state-of-the-art tracking device is compact, completely waterproof, and features a built-in super-strength magnet eliminating the need for additional accessories.

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SilverCloud SYNC

Featuring an OB0-II interface, the SilverCloud Sync GPS Tracking System from LandAirSea is designed to plug into your vehicle and provide real-time location data along with alerts for unsafe driving, low fuel, arrivals and departures, vehicle health, theft, and more.

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SilverCloud SYNC HD

The SYNC-HD is a real-time GPS tracking system designed specifically for Heavy-duty vehicles. The SYNC-HD device attaches directly to the vehicle's diagnostic port via a 6-Pin (17708) or 9-Pin {17939} connector cable.

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