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REAL-TIME (Live Tracking Updates, Subscription Required)

PASSIVE (GPS Recording Device, No Subscription Required)

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LandAirSea 54 - 4G LTE

The 54 is the most popular live data-streaming GPS Tracker from LandAirSea. Built to withstand the most extreme conditions, this waterproof and magnetic tracking device gives you the ability to discreetly hide it under a vehicle or on any other asset that needs real-time tracking.
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LandAirSea 2020 - 4G LTE

The LandAirSea 2020 is a 4G LTE device that features a compact portable design, our longest rechargeable battery life and can be placed in a purse, coat, backpack, or seat pocket for the monitoring of an asset, vehicle, or person. Optional waterproof and magnetic case is available.
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SilverCloud SYNC 2 - 4G LTE

The SilverCloud SYNC 2 is a 4G LTE device that uses GPS and cellular technology to track individual vehicles and fleets in real-time with extreme precision. This tracking device is covert and easily plugs into the vehicle’s OBD-II port. The device requires no batteries or charging as it sources its power directly from the vehicle.
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SilverCloud Overdrive

The SilverCloud Overdrive Real-time GPS Tracker fromLandAirSea features the longest active battery life of any other device on the market. It allows for 40+ motion hours, depending on usage, of real-time location updates as fast as every 3 seconds.
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Tracking Key 3

The location data recorded and stored on the Passive GPS Tracking Key 3 can be accessed by inserting the device directly into your personal computer or laptop via a USB port. The information recorded by the GPS Tracking Key 3 can then be viewed and analyzed.
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Flashback 2

Featuring the same waterproof design as the popular 54, magnetically attach the Flashback 2 Passive GPS Logger in, on, or under a vehicle to record its route, speed, direction, and driving time. View the recorded data by connecting the device to any computer or laptop via USB.
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Commercial Fleet Trackers

Hardwired 54

The 54 is the most popular real-time GPS Tracker from LandAirSea. This covert waterproof tracking device features a built-in magnet perfect for use on equipment, trailers, vehicles and other company assets. Hardwire accessory kit is available for constant power to the device.
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SilverCloud SYNC 2

Featuring an OBD-11 interface, the SilverCloud Sync Real-time Fleet GPS Tracking System plugs directly into a company's trucks or vehicles and provide alerts for high speed, low battery, rapid acceleration, idle time, and harsh braking. (ELD complaint - coming soon)
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SilverCloud SYNC HD

The SYNC-HD is a real-time GPS tracking system designed specifically for Heavy-duty vehicles. The SYNC-HD device attaches directly to the vehicle's diagnostic port via a 6-Pin (17708) or 9-Pin {17939} connector cable.
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Dealership Solutions

Synchronize Inventory Management

The Synchronize system is installed on an entire car dealership's inventory and is integrated with the DSM system. Synchronize will allow you to locate vehicles in a timely manner, prevent dead battery issues before test drives, prevent theft, and generate profit by transferring to the customer at time of purchase.
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