Public Sector


  • Maximize budget Telematics can assist by giving fleet managers a direct line of sight into every ounce of fuel used, every minute spent idling, every additional mile driven and the resultant costs to their organization. GPS tracking solutions further identify opportunities to save money by drawing attention to unsafe driving habits that waste fuel, like speeding and harsh acceleration/braking.
  • Track utilization Every minute matters when it comes to keeping vehicles on the road. At their core, vehicle tracking solutions are navigation tools that improve fuel efficiency and asset utilization. Delivering second-by-second data to analytics tools helps surface the data needed to make decisions, helping government fleet managers identify performance outliers/inefficiencies that might otherwise go unseen. This helps government fleet owners get more out of their vehicles, eliminate waste, reduce unnecessary wear and tear, provide better service to citizens, decrease emergency response times and improve public safety.

Municipal Agencies

  • Simplifies Dispatch Responsibilities - a busy municipal dispatcher has a lot of balls in the air at any given time, dropping one of these can be costly for the city. Having ability to identify and track all dispatchers will show which vehicle is closest to the target location which will shave miles off the day, leads to task being completed faster without wasted hours of labor while drivers cross paths.
  • Promotes Safer Driving Habits - tracks speeding, acceleration, braking hard, driving aggressively and allows you to deal with the behavior of drivers and take appropriate disciplinary action to discourage future erratic behavior
  • Reduces Transportation and Operating Costs - Notifys of pending maintenance needs, reduce fuel costs, reduce traffic citations, lower insurance costs.
  • Improves Record Keeping and Documentation - Records and documentation will be much more accurate and simplified with GPS tracking

LandAirSea 54

The 54 is the most popular live data-streaming GPS Tracker from LandAirSea. This state-of-the-art tracking device is compact, completely waterproof, and features a built-in super-strength magnet eliminating the need for additional accessories.

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SilverCloud SYNC

Featuring an OB0-II interface, the SilverCloud Sync GPS Tracking System f rom LandAirSea is designed to plug into your vehicle and provide real-time location data along with alerts for unsafe driving, low fuel, arrivals and departures, vehicle health, theft, and more.

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SilverCloud SYNC HD

The SYNC-HD is a real-time GPS tracking system designed specifically for Heavy-duty vehicles. The SYNC-HD device attaches directly to the vehicle's diagnostic port via a 6-Pin (17708) or 9-Pin {17939} connector cable.

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