At LandAirSea Systems, we don’t have a reputation for stellar customer service without good reason. We go to great lengths to ensure that your interests are protected when you shop with us. And so with this in mind, our after-sale services are designed to maximize your flexibility so you can obtain the most from your purchases.

Servicing your Purchase under Warranty
At LandAirSea, we offer a seller’s 12 month limited warranty for all our products which allows you to service your purchase within that time period.

In general, your purchase qualifies for the warranty service if manufacture defects are found or occurs within the stated warranty period (normally 12 months). For details, please refer to our Warranty Terms and Conditions. Please note that:

  • Any return must be authorized by a representative of LandAirSea, Inc.( Under no circumstances will returns be accepted otherwise.
  • A Return Authorization Number (RA#) and shipping instructions must be obtained from a LandAirSea representative.
  • No discontinued and/or special bundled item order may be returned.

Merchandise that is lost, damaged or misplaced while in transit is the responsibility of the purchaser. We assume no liability for merchandise that is in transit. We strongly recommend any returns be assigned a tracking number and sufficient insurance by the purchaser or his/her delivery agent.

Unauthorized returns will be shipped back to the purchaser at his or her expense. Return postage fees must include shipping, handling, tracking, and insurance. Accepted forms of payment for return postage are either credit card, PayPal, cashier’s check or money order. We will not accept credit cards for return shipping on unauthorized merchandise returns.