Track the NASA Shuttle Carrier Transport Tonight in Real-Time

Shuttle Carrier Aircraft On The Move Tonight

NASA’s iconic Boeing 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA), which has embarked on over 800 flights for the space program since the mid-1970s, will be moving into its new home tonight (April 28, 2014). The Space Center of Houston will have the magnanimous task of transporting 318,000 pounds of aircraft parts nearly eight miles.

The plan is to transport the disassembled SCA from 9:00pm tonight (April 28) to 4:30am tomorrow morning (April 29). In an effort to make this move as safe and seamless as possible, the Space Center Houston is teaming with 30 public, private and government agencies in what is called the “Bring the Legacy Home” campaign. Many of these services have offered their services at little to no charge.

The shuttle carrier parts, which is essentially a dismantled Boeing 747, will be loaded onto a 1,000-foot-long convoy. These enormous convoy will be traveling in the middle of the night at the speed of a person walking. The largest segment will be the fuselage, which measures 25-feet wide by 35-feet tall. What makes this particularly challenging is that this one component measures at about 190-feet long – roughly the height of the Niagara Falls and the length of two NBA basketball courts.

“Our primary concern during the move is for the safety of our community and the workers involved. We also are working diligently to minimize impact on our neighbors,” said Richard Allen Jr., president and CEO of Space Center Houston. “The relocation of the 747 will be a grand sight, but we want to make sure everyone affected is fully prepared for the road closures.”

The City of Webster will be giving the public the unique opportunity to remotely track the jumbo jet tonight in real-time on their website as it moves to its new home thanks to LandAirSea’sSilverCloud® Live GPS Tracker. The SilverCloud® Online web-based tracking application, gives the city the ability to embed a live GPS tracking window directly on their website by utilizing the patent-pending ShareSpot® feature. With ShareSpot® people from all over the country and the world will be able to participate in tracking the SCA transportation efforts in real-time.

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