Utilize our extensive library of videos to learn more about our products, troubleshoot issues, understand mobile app functionality, or learn how to navigate the online software for your Real-time or Passive tracking device.

Product Videos

SilverCloud 2020 product info.

Tracking Key product info.

TIPS: Important light sequences for the 54.

LandAirSea 54 product info.

Flashback product info.

TIPS: Important light sequences for the 2020.

SilverCloud SYNC product info.

TIPS: Placing the 54 on a vehicle.

Troubleshooting Videos

How To insert the SilverCloud battery.

How To insert the waterproof cap for the 54. 

Correct LED startup sequence for the 54.

SilverCloud: Mobile App Tutorials (Real-time Tracking)

A complete tutorial of the mobile app.

How To use the Instafence feature.

How To log into the app and access settings.

How To use the Historical Playback feature.

How To use the ShareSpot feature.

How To disable the LED lights on your 54.

SilverCloud: Computer Tutorials (Real-time Tracking)

How To access, make changes to and add multiple users to your account.

How To set alerts for speeding, low battery, extended stop and OBD events.

How To access and use the historical playback controls on a computer.

How To create geofences and assign devices for alerts on exit and entry.

PastTrack: Computer Tutorials (Passive Tracking)

How To upload and view the passive tracking data a computer.

How To delete old data off your Flashback or Tracking Key device.